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Website Maintenance Services Hong Kong

Aftercare for your website from Peak Online

Once you have completed your website design and have launched it for search engines to rank, we at Peak Online can take care of all your website maintenance services in Hong Kong to make sure the content is always current and up-to-date. We can ensure that your website’s features, such as slideshows, continue to function properly. We’ll promptly correct any faults that may occur, saving you the stress of either trying to fix it yourself or having to find somebody suitable. Our immediate response saves you time and your business money.

Worry-free website maintenance services

To your online visitors, your website is a public reflection of your company image. A poorly managed website with broken links, features that don’t work correctly, dead pages, and outdated information will eventually result in lost business. Peak Online provides the services you need to protect and enhance your corporate image online. We’ll keep your website up and running, fully functional, looking its best and always up-to-date. This means that you can get on with the important day-to-day task of running your business without having to worry about your website.


When you take advantage of our website maintenance services, we will protect your website each month from any unplanned downtime, proactively fixing any bugs or faults that may occur. We’ll also apply any necessary updates to the backend system. For your total peace of mind we offer professional technical support with all of our monthly maintenance packages. What’s more, we guarantee you’ll receive the friendly, personal customer rarely offered by other providers of website maintenance services.

It’s vital to keep your website’s data safe and secure around the clock. At Peak Online we can protect your website from malware, viruses and trojans, distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, and malicious hacks. We can continuously monitor the security of your website, responding quickly as soon as potential issues are detected.
We can also help if your website has already been hacked or infected by malware. Our expert team can completely clean and restore a compromised website, ensuring that both your business’s data and reputation are protected.

Developments include any new feature which you add to your website. A development could be as simple as adding a social media share feature on pages and posts, or something as complex as integrating API or data feeds into your website. No matter how big or small the features you require are, simply tell us your requirements and we can make the necessary upgrades to your website.

Updating your website is a job best left to the professionals at Peak Online. The last thing you need is to waste time updating your website which could be spent developing your business, meeting your customers, or on other important tasks which might be neglected if you were updating your own website. We have monthly packages to take care of all your updating needs.

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