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Online Marketing Strategies Hong Kong

Make Sure Customers Know About Your Business

You’ve launched your new website, so why isn’t it bringing your business a new revenue stream as you expected? Without any online marketing strategies a Hong Kong business’s website can be compared to ‘a house on the hill’ or ‘a shop down a side street’. Unlike traditional businesses where you have passing trade, unless you market your website it will remain unfound; it has no customers passing by. An online marketing strategy to attract visitors should be foremost in your mind when you decide to launch your online presence or e-commerce website.

Get Online Marketing Strategies That Deliver Results

Having a well-structured website that makes it easy for customers to navigate and find what they want is the first step to success, but there are many more to follow. To achieve the maximum benefit for your business a successful online marketing strategy should combine Google AdWords (which ensures your website appears in relevant Google search results pages), email marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media publicity. Peak Online has the expertise and experience to make all of this work for you, to raise market awareness of your business, drive more visitors to your website and help to increase those all-important sales.


Organic traffic is gained from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Google currently leads the market, with an average of 68% of all searches taking place through their sites. Making sure your website is optimized to target Google searches is the most important factor in gaining visitors. We have the knowledge and tools to improve your website’s keyword searches and increase its visibility in search engine results.

Every new website needs one thing: traffic. Google AdWords can help deliver the traffic you need to rapidly gain customers and increase sales. Prices are charged per click, and vary with the demand for the keywords and search terms your business is associated with. Whilst the biggest spenders may be on the top of page one, the price they pay per click may mean they are not generating the maximum number of clicks for their budget. Let Peak Online help you gain the maximum benefit from your daily.

Social media is no longer a factor you can ignore when planning your online marketing strategy. With so many people now having a Twitter or Facebook account, you must engage with your customers in the places they like to spend time keeping in touch with each other. Having a social media presence doesn’t only bring direct visitors; it is also a Google ranking factor.

Many people will tell you that email marketing is no longer a valuable way to gain visitors and sales. At Peak Online we disagree and can prove to you that a good quality database of email addresses will always drive your business in the right direction. Gaining the email addresses of people who want your services or products is always the key to a positive customer response.

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