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Logo Creation ProcessNo matter how skilled and experienced the designers are, the designs will only be as good as the information supplied to them by the client. To be able to meet your expectations and requirements, we would need you to provide us the following information to begin the logo creation process.

i) What name should appear in the logo and what is it going to represent?
The answer to this would include the words that should appear in the logo and the nature of the business or cause the logo is going to represent.

ii) Who is the target market of the company?
This gives us an idea of which colours and style to use in the logo. A logo for a clothing brand targeting kids, for example, would most probably be more colorful, dynamic and energetic. In contrast to this, a logo for a company providing financial services would be more dignified and refined, to give customers a sense that the company is respectable and trustworthy.

iii) Are there any reference logos you want us to draw inspiration from?
Logo design is very subjective and a logo can take innumerable forms. Providing us some reference designs helps us better understand your preferences and reduce the subjectivity thereby enabling us to fulfill your requirements.
Logo Creation ProcessBased on the information provided in step 1, we will develop some concepts and send them to you for your feedback.
Logo Creation ProcessOnce you have reviewed the initial concepts, you would let us know if we have accurately captured your requirements or whether we need to amend or modify a concept and send it again. We will be happy to modify and resend a design up to 3 times.
Logo Creation ProcessAfter agreeing the final design with you in step 3, we will send you the logo in various formats to be used on-screen as well as for printing. This includes the vector file as well as the transparent background PNG file of the logo among other formats.

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