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Content Writing Services Hong Kong

Professionally written content and pages structured for search engine optimizationEver heard of the term ‘cash is king’? Well now the truism reads: ‘content is key’!

With professionally written content, and pages structured for search engine optimization, you will be on course not only to engage with new and existing customers, but also to rank highly in Google searches. Each page or post should ideally contain at least 200 words, although the optimum target is roughly double that. Creating this amount of text takes time away and know-how, which is why many firms leave it to professional content developers. Let Peak Online handle your content writing services in Hong Kong .

We can provide expertly-written, attention-grabbing copy to connect with your customers. Our writers are native speakers who specialize in website development, so you get the copy you need to reach your target audience. Content on your website is not only vital to ensure you tell your story in a compelling and attractive manner, but it also helps – when done properly – to improve your Google search ranking so that your site can be more readily found.

Here at Peak Online we can provide you with professionally written content for translation or copywriting in the following languages:


Chinese copywriting and translationsAlmost a fifth of the world’s population speaks some form of Chinese. Simplified Chinese (known to many as Mandarin), is the most widely used with around 800 million speakers, mostly in China but also in countries like Singapore. The second most popular form of Chinese is Cantonese, which is written as Traditional Chinese. People living in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Taiwan are Cantonese speaking and traditional Chinese reading. Companies looking do business in mainland China, Taiwan or Hong Kong must offer their information in the local language as well as English.


English copywriting and translationsNot only is English one of the official languages of Hong Kong, and 54 other countries worldwide, it is also the international language of business. Whether your target audience is in Hong Kong or beyond, it is critical to have an English version of your website and social media outlets. At Peak Online, English is provided by experienced, native English speaking copywriters.View More



Japanese copywriting and translationsAs the world’s third largest economy, doing business in Japan necessitates the use of Japanese as English is not commonly understood, used or read. Peak Online can help businesses reach out to new customers in Japan by providing professional web content, created by local writers who not only are highly proficient in Japanese but can also fully understand the nuances and idiosyncratic terms found in original English writing.


Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia copywriting and translationsIndonesia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and with a population of over 250 million people, it is destined to become a global economic powerhouse in the coming years. Savvy companies are already engaging with customers and potential customers in Indonesia and are using the skills of Peak Online’s Bahasa writers to create exciting and compelling copy.


Bahasa Malaysia

Bahasa Malaysia copywriting and translationsAlso known as ‘Malay’, or ‘Bahasa Melayu’, Bahasa Malaysia is the official language of Malaysia and of Brunei and is one of Singapore’s four official languages. As such it’s an important language for business and Peak Online offers high quality copywriting services in Malay.



Vietnamese copywriting and translationsVietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia and the world. With a native population of almost 90 million people, Vietnamese is the official language of business. Mass migration has also led to the development of sizeable Vietnamese communities in the US, Canada, Australia and across Europe. To reach customers in Vietnam and or Vietnamese businesses settled abroad, turn to Peak Online for professional Vietnamese web content development.

Hangul (Korea)

Hangul Korean copywriting and translationsHangul is the official language of both South Korea (50 million speakers) and North Korea (23 million speakers). The language is also spoken in large ethnic Korean communities in China, Japan, the USA and Central Asia. The country is currently enjoying a wave of popularity brought about by its technology leadership (Samsung and LG), the global attraction of KPop and its prodigious movie and TV industries that attract millions of fans around the world. To reach Korean businesses wherever they are, Peak Online can develop Hangul for websites, social media and blogs.

Tagalog (Philippines)

Tagalog (Philippines) copywriting and translationsSpoken by around 73 million people in the Philippines, Tagalog (often mistakenly referred to as ‘Filipino’) is the first language of the majority of Filipinos. With its strong alliances with the US, English is officially the second language of the country. Familiarity with Tagalog is essential for any company seeking to do business with the Philippines, and Peak Online can help by providing excellent Tagalog content for your website.



Thai copywriting and translationsStandard Thai, the dialect spoken throughout Thailand’s Central Region, is regarded as the country’s official language and is spoken by over 60 million people. Thai is also spoken in neighbouring Laos and in Thai communities around the world such as Los Angeles, California, which has 80,000 Thai speakers. Your business can target Thai customers courtesy of expert Thai copywriting from Peak Online.