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Email and Website Hosting Hong Kong

Keeping your business connected around the world, around the clock

Peak Online provides reliable email and website hosting for Hong Kong businesses because we understand the importance of having 24/7 continuity. No successful online business can afford to lose their email communication or website due to unnecessary downtime. Providing an email address that’s clearly linked to your business automatically reassures your potential customers and boosts your company’s credibility. Meanwhile, our website packages offer fast page loading speeds that ensure the best user experience, making it quick and easy for your customers to do business with you.

Whatever website hosting Hong Kong businesses need, we deliver

All of our hosting packages include generous bandwidth because we believe that, no matter how big or small your online business, your visitor traffic is a key priority. To ensure that your online customer data remains protected at all times we also offer free SSL Certification, courtesy of Let’s Encrypt, to enable secure HTTPS to your website. And, for your total peace of mind, you have the assurance that all of our website hosting packages are backed by our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

100% Website Hosting Uptime and Counting

Around the World Servers Locations for Maximum Speeds

Email and Website Hosting Hong Kong - Peak Online

Data Centre Locations Best Serving:

With data centres situated in three continents, Peak Online offers reliable, high-speed connectivity across the globe. Whether you’re looking for professional website hosting in Hong Kong, London, Cape Town or Sydney, our secure server and network infrastructure offers everything you need for online business success, and is backed by our outstanding customer support for your total peace of mind.

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All of our websites are built on our shared hosting platform. We provide this service from a remote network of physical servers – known as a ‘cloud’. Our web hosting is reliable and super-fast for small business users, yet powerful enough to meet the needs of established and developed businesses. Whatever website or hosted project you have in mind, we have the perfect web hosting plan to suit your needs and budget. This means that, no matter how much your business grows and your visitor traffic, product or service range and online sales increase, our shared hosting will meet your needs all the way. But whatever the size of your company, you’ll benefit from all of the power, speed, security and support you need to keep your online business performing, plus the reassurance that your data is fully backed up every day.

VPS – our Virtual Private Servers provide an enterprise-level solution to cater for advanced websites, apps, or programs that require increased flexibility, power and control. Using our fully-managed, high-speed servers saves you the expense of purchasing your own dedicated server. We combine the latest generation of Dell PowerEdge servers, Intel Xeon processors, and RAID-10 arrays of high-performance SAS disks, to ensure that our bespoke VPS systems provide maximum resilience and capability. What’s more, our virtual private servers are optimized for the most popular applications, backed up daily (we guarantee no data loss) and can automatically scale to handle sudden increases in web traffic with no problems.

Delivering the maximum speed, performance and functionality, our dedicated servers can handle anything that the most demanding websites can throw at them, without breaking a sweat. Set up and proactively managed by our expert team, dedicated server hosting from Peak Online brings you the stability and reliability you’d expect, thanks to their use of the latest technologies from Intel and Dell. Our Dedicated Servers offer unparalleled specifications, real-time monitoring and rapid response to any issues we detect, plus, of course, our 99.99% uptime guarantee. Even in the unlikely event of disk failure, your service will continue to operate seamlessly as normal.

Besides benefiting from Peak Online’s fast and reliable website hosting, Hong Kong businesses can also get help to find the perfect domain name. Although this isn’t quite as easy as it used to be, with more variations of the ‘dot com’ extension now available we can help you find a suitable name for your online business without spending a premium. Brevity is the key to a successful domain name, and whilst we still offer you the choice of the well-known ‘.com’ extension, if your customer base is mainly in Hong Kong then ‘’ or ‘.hk’ are both equally great options.

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